Turnkey Hazmat Buildings

A Complete End-
to-End Solution

Our turnkey hazmat solutions are fully functional, fully compliant and cost-effective.

Turnkey Hazmat Buildings

Expert Design
and Engineering

Our skilled designers and engineers have decades of experience and knowledge to provide you with a cost-effective solution for your Hazmat requirements.

Turnkey Hazmat Buildings

High Quality
Fabrication & Installation

Because one company is responsible for all aspects of your project
there is no finger-pointing, and it will be completed in less time.

Turnkey Hazmat Buildings


Whether your need is unanticipated or you desire
to conserve capital MCC can provide financing.

Welcome to MCC Development, Inc.

Turnkey Solutions for Your Hazmat Building Needs

Are you in need of a reliable, safe Hazmat storage solution?

MCC Development Inc. has provided turnkey solutions for our clients’ specialized needs since 1983. Our proven track record in design, engineering, fabrication, installation, and commissioning to exacting standards will ensure your project is completed on time and with superior results. In addition, we take the long-term view when considering product performance, integrity, and safety. So, you can have peace of mind that we are exceeding industry standards at every step.

Let us help you identify the perfect fit for your hazardous material storage requirements with comprehensive options such as modular custom-engineered designs, fire alarm and suppression systems, and other required features per local, state, and federal regulatory requirements. Our state-of-the-art modular facilities for interior and exterior application requirements offer a secure environment that guarantees the highest levels of protection for keeping your business running smoothly with reduced worry and interruptions related to hazmat materials management.

Reach out today to learn how MCC Development can develop the best turnkey Hazmat Storage Solution tailored to meet all your needs!

What we offer

Quality Turnkey Solutions

MCC Development can help your organization reduce the burdens of planning, engineering, and site management while validating that your safety and security policies are correctly implemented.

  • Portable Flammable Liquid Storage Rooms
  • Relocatable Hazardous Waste Storage Buildings
  • Turnkey services – site planning, CAD layout and structural engineering drawings, permitting approval services, site installation, systems testing and Group H Occupancy Certificate.
  • Modular Paint “Kitchens”, Mix Rooms, and Dispensing Vaults for flammable paints, solvents and catalysts.
  • Custom Storage “Lockers” with segregated compartments and rolling fire doors for forklift access.
  • Design/Build Solutions: flammable liquid warehouses, inside cutoff rooms, chemical laboratories, and QA testing facilities.

We offer complete turnkey solutions

Why choose us

If you’re looking for a partner with a proven track record as a designer and installer of prefabricated hazardous material storage buildings, you have come to the right place. We have a long history of successful projects beginning in 1983, and we’re known for cost-effective and efficient turnkey installations. Our reach is national, so we can get it done no matter the location of your project.

Single Source Solution

Our team of experts is responsible for all aspects of your project, from its initial design thru fabrication, installation, and acceptance.

Newest Technologies

Our knowledge of materials and techniques allows us to leverage the newest technologies and fabrication methodologies to deliver a cost-effective hazmat building or shelter that meets all specifications and required safety standards.

Permitting Assistance

With our assistance, you can be sure that all the necessary permits will have been obtained before starting work on your project.


With our financing options, you can get the help your company needs when it’s most needed. So whether an emergency has come up or if off-budget costs are forcing renovations to be put on hold for longer than expected – we’ve got solutions that will work with any budget!

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