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Client: Cannabis-Hemp


An entrepreneurial team that was new to the Cannabis industry, operating in a recently approved for recreational cannabis sales State Jurisdiction, reached out to MCC in late calendar 2019. They required building a modular processing lab with approximately  5,000 square feet of processing facility working space. MCC working in close collaboration with architects, engineers, and cannabis process equipment suppliers, designed, engineered, fabricated, and installed this modular laboratory facility by late calendar 2020, notwithstanding the challenges of operating at the commencement of the global pandemic, which started in early calendar 2020 and continued throughout that fateful calendar year. The final design supports the expansion of this client’s facility, which MCC and the client are working to plan and design during calendar 2023 for implementation in calendar 2024.

Our Solution

MCC collaborated with a new company entrant seeking to commence operations quickly with full regulatory compliance in this rapidly emerging industry segment within a recently legalized recreational consumption state. MCC working in close collaboration with the provider of the specialized Laboratory Extraction and Processing equipment, designed a modular facility, and had it fabricated and installed at the client location. Through careful coordination with the Client and their specialized equipment suppliers, MCC helped this Client commence operations in reduced time using modular facilities compared to on-site constructed facilities, with reduced overall cost.

Advanced Customized Technology

Appropriate Technology was implemented to provide a customized solution compliant with evolving regulatory requirements for the safe manufacture of Cannabis products.

Delivery On Time

Our MCC Development Team works diligently to provide our customers with on-time delivery of their new facility.

Client: Cannabis-Hemp Extraction-Processing Laboratory.

Category: Cannabis and Hemp Laboratories and Processes

Date: 2018 -2019

Duration: 9 Months

Location: Western United States

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