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Client: Specialty Chemicals for Cosmetic Products Manufacturer


A manufacturer which uses volatile feedstock chemicals in its fabrication process was advised by municipal regulatory agencies that it had to upgrade its storage and mixing room facilities within its existing leased manufacturing space.  With a limited time frame to comply and date specific for full compliance, MCC was able to substantially upgrade both the storage and mix room capabilities of the client facility on budget and on time to satisfy local regulatory agencies. MCC’s project completion process resulted in close collaboration with the client and regularly communicating with the requisite regulatory agencies.  MCC quickly designed, fabricated, and delivered the upgrade to the client to modify their facilities. This was accomplished within seven months and, while in the process of completion, did not disrupt the client’s ongoing operations in any material manner. The Solution required two principal modular buildings to be designed, fabricated off-site, transported to the client facility, and installed for two-level storage and a mix room, as illustrated in the following photographs. 

Our Solution

Working closely with the global general contractor, MCC Development transformed bare ground into the facility illustrated in these photographs. The Solution required multiple modular components to be designed, fabricated off-site, transported to the University site, and assembled into the finished facility illustrated in the following photographs.

Advanced Customized Technology

Appropriate Technology was implemented to provide a customized hazardous materials storage and enclosed independent mix room facility installed within the customer’s existing manufacturing space.

Delivery On Time

Our MCC Development Team works diligently to provide our customers with on-time delivery of their new facility.

Client: Chemical Formulary

Category: Chemical Supply Chain

Date: 2019

Duration: 7 Months

Location: West Coast United States

Industrial, educational, and governmental institutions, food and chemical formularies, and the military choose us to fulfill their need for safe and secure hazardous materials storage facilities. This is where turnkey hazmat facilities come in – they provide a comprehensive custom solution these institutions require at an affordable cost. Turnkey Hazmat facilities are designed to meet strict regulations regarding hazardous material storage while ensuring the safety, usability, reliability, and maintainability of equipment. Not only do they offer convenience and safety during operation, but they also contribute to controlling life-cycle costs associated with these critical operations.

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