Company Faqs

1.Why should I consider an MCC Turnkey Solution for my project?


Because you will know precisely the scope and cost of your project, our single sourcing for all aspects of your project ensures an on-time completion within budget.

Saves money

Our turnkey solutions are all-in-one; they’re meant to deliver your new hazmat facility at a fixed price. As a result, you will benefit from a higher quality installation at a lower cost.

Saves time

Deployment of your hazmat facility will be completed in a minimum amount of time. This is possible because MCC Development is the single source for all processes and tasks managed by skilled and experienced people.

Available financing

Quite often, HAZMAT projects become immediate necessities for which there is no budget.  In such circumstances, MCC Development offers financing options that can be tailored to your specific needs.

2. What is the time frame from contacting MCC for a quote to project completion?

Your Schedule becomes MCC’s Schedule.  

Depending upon the requirements of your particular project, MCC can move as fast as you and your organization need to move.

 MCC’s Team is Highly Responsive to Your Schedule Requirements 

MCC’s leadership team and many supporting engineering and trades collaborators are available 24×7 to identify and maintain adherence to your required project planning, permitting, and completion schedule(s).

3. What is the Warranty on MCC’s customer modular solutions?

MCC provides multi-year warranties of up to ten years on the structural integrity of its solutions.  MCC replicates the warranties of all the specialized mechanical, electrical, fire suppression, and HVAC equipment installed as part of the completed modular facility solution MCC creates for its clients.

4. Does MCC manage the installation and commissioning of its solutions?

Yes.  MCC’s experienced installation crew and team members plan and then travel to your site to assure a timely, high-quality installation and commissioning of your new Hazmat faclity.


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